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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hi, I am Ning, the owner of Breakthrough Career Coaching. I enjoy helping others, particularly youth, to find a clear direction in life and reach their full potential. I have years of experience in the career advising field and have helped 300+ clients grow confidence, establish their identity and sense of purpose by finding and maintaining meaningful jobs. want to continue making a difference in young people's lives. 


I feel lucky to be able to do what I love and good at; hence I'd love to help others to do the same. 

I have always wanted to be a teacher or an educator because I find joy in inspiring others and have a natural tendency to share information. Also, I met 2 amazing teachers who changed my life when I was struggling in school. Their kindness and encouragement greatly impacted me. In addition to their subject expertise and positive role modelling, they believed in me and helped me to grow. I understand how critical the impact can be when a youth is at their most confusing, vulnerable and malleable stage in life. I want to make a difference in their lives, just like those 2 amazing teachers once did.  


One of the biggest rewards as a career coach is seeing the transformation of clients- their growth along with "Aha" moments;, and share their joy after the job offers. I have experience working with various types of people, including but not limited to people with disabilities, mature job seekers, multi-barriered minorities, marginalized and at-risk youth. 98% of clients are satisfied with our service and have gained confidence and practical life skills. It was a privilege to receive the Emerging Career Development Practitioner of the Year award by BCCDA for my dedication in 2018, which motivated me to constantly update myself with industry knowledge and skills. I am also the Alumni Ambassador for SFU CDP Program and have been involved in many employment projects such as WTEEE, MWP(45+), Job Options BC, Skills Link and Youth Works Program.

As a first generation immigrant from China who moved here more than a decade ago, I experienced firsthand job search struggles. I was confused and discouraged when I didn't get called in for interviews after sending out numerous resumes and job applications. I was surprised to find that having a degree from a reputable university does not equal to instant employment or job offer. Even though I have some work experience, I did not have a clear and fit career goal and systematic way to approach job search. I also was not aware the existence of the hidden job market, let along networking skills. I have applied for many different industries and been offered more than 30 different positions, but I was paralyzed and unable to make the "best" choice. I eventually started working as an admin worker but soon find it unfit to my personality,. After switching a few jobs, and learning more about myself along the way, I finally followed my passion of helping others, in addition to my strengths, and pursued the Career Development Field. 


The learning at SFU is eye opening to say the least and I want to share what I learn with everyone I know. For example, networking skills (uncover the hidden job market) and interpersonal skills are overlooked but are some of the most demanding traits in today's labour market. 

I am happy to contribute my skills, knowledge and expertise to all those in need. However, while I was working in the non-profit sector for the past 4 years, I noticed unmet needs from job seekers looking for career advising services but unable to access our programs due to strict eligibility criteria. For instance, some programs only help youth in care, some others only help people who have never collected EI. In addition, various programs have different rules that make it hard to navigate. It takes effort to find the most suitable program with the right starting time and schedule. Other disadvantages include multiple layers of screening processes, and often heavy paperwork’s. Thus I came up with the idea of creating this company and offering career advising services to anybody who needs it. My mission is to bring clarity, efficiency and results with a client-centered approach.

I look forward to working with you in your job search journey. Call now if you are ready for your next career breakthrough!



  • Career Development Practitioner Certificate, Simon Fraser University, June, 2016

  • Job Finding Club Facilitator, Simon Fraser University, May, 2016

  • Personality Dimensions Level 1, Simon Fraser University, May, 2016


  • Certified Career Development Practitioner, BC Career Development Associaton, July, 2020

  • Certified Life Coach, Certified Coaches Federation, Aug, 2017

  • Bachelor of Arts (Double Major in Psychology and Asian Studies), University of British Columbia, June, 2012

Jack Liu

Jack Liu

Education Planning Consultant (PhD)

Ning Huang

Ning Huang

Certified Career Planning Consultant

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