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Relax, it is just a job interview!

I've worked with some amazing youth who are talented and reliable; and able to perform the job they are applying for without a question, but cannot get a job offer. Why? Because their poor performance during the interview(s). It turns out that they get too nervous that they forget how to be themselves.  I often tell my clients, don't over think, just take a breath and do your best.  Interviews should be a 2 way street. It is not just the employer who is trying to evaluate you, but it is also an opportunity for YOU to assess them. It is an excellent opportunity for you to answer the following questions: do you like the company culture here? Does this job and work environment follow your values and goals? You hold the power for making the final decision to work with them or not. I often use this analogy to the job seekers: An interview is like a date. The very first one is crucial because it is like a first date. In this short period of time, both sides analyse the fit for each other and make the decisions whether or not to continue seeing each other (or to develop into a long term relationship professionally). Of course you want to be on your best self, but NEVER fake to be someone else or degenerate yourself to a lower level. The employer already choose to meet you, so there must be a reason for you to be there (i.e. you passed the minimum requirement, standout resume or great referrals); so be confident and be yourself.  Besides, think in "so what” mentality. Be yourself. If the employer decided not to hire you after you are being true to yourself in the interview, so what? It's their loss. Keep searching for the better fit. It is also better than regretting that you are afraid to be who you truly are and missed the opportunity. Don’t change yourself entirely for someone (or an employer), it’s uncomfortable for you and others can tell (or feel). You will end up wasting each other’s time because you are not the right fit but pretend to be at the beginning. Soon enough you'll be back to the labour market in great disappointment, thinking you are not worth it. You ARE worth it! You will fit perfectly if you find the right match. (I swear I am not advertising for the dating site “match” even though it sounds like it.) If it is a misfit, it’ll stay a misfit. Just like in any relationship (See illustration: a square peg is trying to fit into a round hole). Relax. It is just a job interview, not the end of the world. That being said, it doesn't mean you don't need any preparation. You need to do some research about the company and fully understand yourself (strengths, interests and values etc.). Be prepared with answers, then walk into the interview room with confidence and have an conversation like you normally do. Do you agree? Stay Tuned for my other articles: How to prepare yourself for an job interview How to overcome the nervousenes in an interview What next, after the interview?

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